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Information regarding the National Team

In this section the requirements for being called to the Austrian National Team for the IYPT 2011 in Tehran are discussed. Furthermore an overview of the scheduled preparatory work and information on the travel details are given.

All Austrian Teamleaders are asked to carefully study the information on this page and discuss it with their students. By doing so they should clarify which students fulfill the requirements for being called to the National Team.

Basic Requirements

The following basic requirements have to be fulfilled in order to be considered for the Austrian National Team.

The Executive Committee will choose the members (and backup members) of the National Team among those students who fulfill all the requirements. (Confer: AYPT-Regulations and Articles of Association)

Note: The Executive Committee reserves the right to prescind from some of these requirements in reasonable cases (especially in case of unforeseeable drop out of team members), if necessary.

Preparatory Seminars

The association organises three preparatory seminars to ensure optimum success at the IYPT 2011. The participation in these seminars is mandatory for all team members and backup members. In case of non-attendance the Executive Committee reserves the right to expel the affected team member from the National Team. Participants must arrive on the first seminar day not later than a reasonable time (~ 10am) and have to stay at least until a reasonable time (~ 4pm) on the last day of the seminar. If necessary an additional overnight stay can be arranged for participants with long journeys.

The preparatory seminars will be held at the follwing dates:

The journey to the preparatory seminars has to be organized by the participants themselves. Those participants who do not have a private accomodation in Vienna (relatives, friends) are asked to contact the seminar coaches or the Executive Committee in good time, so that private accomodation (presumeably with the coaches) can be organized.

IMPORTANT: All (Austrian) AYPT participants are asked to check in advance whether they would be able to attend the scheduled preparatory seminars. This should ensure that the Executive Committee is able to quickly nominate the members of the National Team after the end of the AYPT.


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