The Regulations of the IYPT

The regulations of the IYPT are yearly updated by the IOC (International Organising Committee). Usually only minor modifications are made, e.g. correcting formulation-errors. The following version of the regulations (old version) was established in Stuttgart in October 1997. This version was (with minor changes) in force for the 12th IYPT in Vienna and the 13th IYPT in Budapest.

Download old version of Regulations in .pdf format
Download old version of the Regulations in .ps format

In October 2000 the IOC made major modifications of the regulations to simplify the process of grading and to make the tournament more interesting by changing the sequence of physics fights. The following rules will be in force for the 14th International Young Physicists' Tournament which will be held in May 2001 in Espoo (Finland).

Download the new version of the Regulations in .rtf format