Text by Dr. Andrzej Nadolny

Dr. Andrzej Nadolny

Dr. Nadolny is the Secretary of the IYPT. It is his task to provide the Local Organisation Committees with all the appropriate information and to take care of the archives of the IYPT.

[...] IYPT is in many respects complementary to International Physics Olympiad. Seventeen problems, to be solved by participants, are chosen and formulated about half a year before the International Tournament (during a special Preparatory Seminar). These problems are usually "non-academic" problems, often of interdisciplinary character, that have no one exact solution, but can be solved on various levels. Participants themselves have to make reasonable assumptions or define conditions for the solution. As Tournament is a competition between teams, long-term team-work plays an important role here. This work involves studies of literature (internet is also an important source of information), discussions with specialists, development of theoretical models, planning and performing of experiments, computer simulations, preparation of a presentation. [...]
IYPT not only stimulates creativity and helps to acquire competencies in physics, but also develops communication skills. Participants of the Tournament have to use English, which is a foreign language for the majority of them, but enables them also "contacts across the frontiers". This particular aspect of the Tournament is nowadays of special importance.

Text taken from: CD-ROM: "12th IYPT 1999"