Text by Dr. Brigitte Pagana-Hammer

Dr. Brigitte Pagana-Hammer

Dr. Brigitte Pagana-Hammer was one of the teamleaders of the Austrian team during the 12th and 13th IYPT. She will also be teamleader for the 14th IYPT. Moreover she was one of the organisers of the 12th IYPT in Vienna. The following text reflects her impressions on the IYPT:

I arrived at the "Polgar Physicists Team" only two years ago and now it seems to me, that I have been with them for a long time. My first impression was, that something quite different from other schools happened in the physics lab. Students coming even in the afternoon, looking around and obviously searching for something to do. I came to know, what they were looking for, when Mr. Schiestl told me about the IYPT and asked me if I would be interested to collaborate in the team. Already this first information convinced me by the special characteristics of this kind of competition. It represents perfectly my own ideas, what school education generally, and particularly science-teaching, should be nowadays: immediate practical application of the topics studied, teamwork, ability to represent the own point of view on scientific problems in discussions with fellow-students and teachers, learning by doing, to have continuous contact with the world outside of the classroom especially for more and for "up to date" information, but also to show the resources, which offer the future generations for the scientific, as well as for the economic world and last, but not least to be able communicate with people of different nations, different cultural background and experience using the English language as intrinsic world wide scientific idiom. It was quite clear, that I accepted Mr. Schiestl's proposal without hesitation, although I was a little bit worried about the high scientific level and the large scale of skills required by this competition. Easily identifying myself with new situations, especially with such interesting and prestigious as the IYPT, I tucked up my sleeves and started first with the preparation of our school-team and with my part in the organisation of the 12th IYPT 1999 at Vienna and now with AYPT and IYPT 2000. It is hard work, but I would not miss only one minute of this exciting experience and I hope that even my students did enjoy it at least as much as I did. To see, how young people grow with the difficulties of the problems to prepare and to present in the competition, to take part of their ambitions, fears and pleasures, and the own collaboration in an international team of high qualified scientists and teachers made these two years for me to one of the most productive and pleasant periods of my life: "I became fan of the IYPT".

Text taken from: CD-ROM: "12th IYPT 1999"