Text by Univ.-Prof. Gusatv Asenbaum

Univ.-Prof. Gustav Asenbaum

Univ.-Prof. Asenbaum was an observer of the 12th IYPT in Vienna, one of the jurors of the 2nd AYPT and one of the persons who greatly helped us during the preparations work.

In occasion of the 12th IYPT young people interested in science met fellow-students from 17 nations to measure their scientific abilities. Their ambition, the fun they had, as well as the touch of serious competition were for me the most remarkable aspects of the event. The audience had nearly the impression to hear their brains work. The evaluation of the theory and the experiments reported on the several problems by the fighting teams themselves and the questions of the jury-members, as proposed in this kind of tournament, bring the teams in contact with other ways of scientific thinking even of "senior scientists". Furthermore the students have to present their results to a qualified audience. To formulate and to present their results requires a lot of personal ability and scientific skill. It becomes clear that nowadays only well spoken English allows to communicate the ideas of scientists from several countries, and it was interesting to see how linguistic deficits created physical misunderstandings during the discussions and how the teams tried hard to solve them.[...] In many cases this tournament may be the motivation for the team-members to continue their studies of science at the university, and I am quite sure, that most of them will be found between the best 10% of their course.

Text taken from: CD-ROM: "12th IYPT 1999"